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Properties: House

Target user: Anyone

Operator: Agent/Individual Landlord

Amenity: Very Few

Security: CCTV

Entire Tenancy·1 Rolling Green Dr. Milford



Entire Tenancy·1 Rolling Green Dr. 0
Property ID: R01504068

From US$2746/month


No Service Fee
Move in from: 2021-11-24 Start rent
Move in Requirements: At least 12 month signed
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To Dean College 14.35 km

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J 1 Rolling Green Dr., Milford, Connecticut(CT) 01757 View on Map


J 1 Rolling Green Dr., Milford, Connecticut(CT) 01757







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Entire Tenancy·1 Rolling Green Dr. FAQs

How long is the lease term of a student apartment in Milford?

The most typical student apartment lease period is generally 12 months, starting in August or September and ending in July or August of the following year. A small number of apartments offer semester leases (5 months or 6 months), 10-month leases (end at the end of May of the following year), or leases that end in July and August (no limit on the start time). More often the case, for a lease period of less than 12 months, the apartment will charge an additional monthly short-term rental fee, ranging from $30-100 dollars per month.

When renting a house in Milford, after signing the lease, can I cancel the lease at any time?

Generally speaking, once the lease is signed, it will take effect immediately, and neither party to the lease can terminate the contract in advance. According to the relevant laws of the United States, if the tenant has signed a long-term lease, he/she shall bear the rent for the whole lease term. Even if he/she is forced to move out, the landlord still has the right to require the tenant to pay all the rent.

What do the utility bills cover when renting an apartment in Milford?

Utility refers to the water, electricity, heating, garbage and wastewater treatment fees, security fees, Internet and cable TV fees and other miscellaneous expenses that the tenant spends every month. Some landlords will include all these costs in the rent and require tenants to pay them together.

When I go to study in Milford, when should I start applying for housing?

According to the school's local house-hunting habits, market supply, and individual needs, the time to start house-hunting varies for each school. And the start time is different for new students and returning students. For new students, they usually start to pay attention to renting houses after obtaining the school admission notice or confirmation to study in the local area, usually in April and May. We suggest that students formally apply for and sign for an apartment after receiving the I20 form. There are also a lot of new students who will come to the United States in advance and decide to sign up after seeing the apartment on site. Old students, that is returning students, the time they look for housing is more spread across the year. Old students in some schools usually start to sign for a house for the next academic year in the first semester (fall), but most of the old students usually start looking for houses in the spring semester.

Before deciding to sign the contract, can I come to Milford to see the apartment?

Yes, we encourage students to see the apartment in person before deciding to sign the contract, so that they can have a more direct feeling about the apartment. However, we must admit that many students want to move in as soon as they arrive in the United States, and the closer the school start is, the higher the price and the fewer good apartments available. Therefore, students should decide when to sign a contract according to their actual situation.

What documents should I bring when checking in?

Please bring your passport, I-20, payment receipt, credit card, check, etc. Please note that the property does not accept cash.

Does the rental market in Milford have a great impact on study and life?

I think the environment determines the quality of life. In addition to the distance from the school and the surrounding public safety, the traffic situation in the place of residence should also be considered: whether there is public transport, whether parking is convenient, and whether there are supermarkets nearby, etc.

How large is the student apartment in Milford?

According to the uhomes database, student apartments or student units in Milford are usually between 21m² to 235m².

Are the student dormitories in Milford well-equipped?

All Milford University residence hall properties are fully furnished and feature a wealth of modern amenities such as gyms, BBQ areas, study rooms, card-swipe laundry rooms, communal lounge areas and more.

What are the characteristics of Milford student apartments?

Apartments that only allow students, visiting scholars, or student family members to live in: have a clear and unified check-in time, rent-out time, etc.; Generally, the lease term is 12 months, and there are few short leases less than 5 months.

What should I pay attention to when subletting in Milford?

It is recommended to confirm with the second lessor and the apartment party the procedures required to complete the sublease and ensure that you are no longer legally responsible for the previous contract. If it is a private sublease, students should pay more attention to: 1) These are private actions, without any legal effect; 2) If found, the apartment is likely to hold you responsible. In view of the risks associated with private subletting, please negotiate with the tenant in advance to protect your own interests.

I booked an apartment, but when I arrived, I found it did not meet my expectations, what should I do?

Students are requested to contact the apartment management office directly to report any dissatisfaction and discuss with the apartment party. If there is no room for renewal and you do not want to break the contract, the best way is to sublet the house to someone else. We strongly discourage moving out of an apartment without informing the parties involved. Because in the United States, once the contract is signed, the contract becomes effective. If you do not move in or move out directly, it is equivalent to unilaterally breaking the contract and you will incur high penalties.

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