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Student Accommodation

Properties: Student Accommodation

Available to: Students only

Management: Centralized Management

Property Management Company: Student Accommodation Management Company

Facilities: Should include: Full range of facilities

Security: Should include: CCTV, security and key cards

Vogue Studios

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VideoHouse outsideCommon areaUnit

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Property ID: S00798249

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Refund Guarantees

Where No Visa No Pay or No Place No Pay, students are entitled to a free cancellation and a full refund

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£240/ week


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Refund Guarantees

Free cancellation and full refund if you do not receive your school offer or student visa


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106 Lewes Road, Brighton, England BN2 3QAView on Map

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Total48 beds
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Home to 48 students, Vogue Studios caters for independent living in stylish studios with all the benefits of a home environment.With two types of studio rooms to choose from, you'll find a comfy double bed, plenty of space, your own private en-suite shower and a kitchenette area waiting for you when term starts. We also offer accessible room options. Just a short hop from the heart of Brighton city centre with its amazing selection of shops, bars, restaurant, salons and more.A stone's throw from the University of Brighton and the city centre, Vogue Studios is serviced by excellent transport links, so you're never too far from the action. Catering to 48 students and with a team of warm, attentive staff helping you along the way, Brighton's good vibes and infectious spirit run through these chic, contemporary studios.

Vogue Studios All room types

Private Bathroom (2)

Independent kitchen (2)


Studios include the kitchen, living and bedroom in one open-plan space and include a private bathroom like an ensuite room

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Silver StudioStudio(Fine decoration)

Private Bathroom

Private Kitchen


1 Bathroom

1 Bedroom

1 Bed

Double Bed 122*190(cm)

Fixed Lease 51 week

Move in: 2021-09-11 (Flexible)

Move out: 2022-09-03

£240/ week

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Gold StudioStudio(Fine decoration)

Private Bathroom

Private Kitchen


1 Bathroom

1 Bedroom

1 Bed

Double Bed 122*190(cm)

Fixed Lease 51 week

Move in: 2021-09-11 (Flexible)

Move out: 2022-09-03

£250/ week

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106 Lewes Road, Brighton, England BN2 3QA







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Tips: Reference only, read your contract carefully to see what is included

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No Visa No Pay


No Place No Pay


Travel Restrictions


Cancellation Policy UK Last updated: 4 September 2020 We understand that booking a room in student accommodation can be a big decision. We also know that bookings are often made before you know your exam results, or your personal circumstances may change unexpectedly prior to you moving in. This policy sets out the process for requesting a cancellation and the fees involved. Our aparto assurance to all our Students Due to the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic, we recognise there is a lot of uncertainty for students. At aparto we are committed to being as flexible as possible. If you book your September 2020 accommodation with us and your course is cancelled due to coronavirus, we can cancel your booking if you provide us with sufficient advance notice. Cancellation before you move in: Delayed university start dates Instead of cancelling your contract, you may change the date of your arrival to be in line with the start of your university start date. You will not be charged for the weeks that you are not living with us before your university starts. Find out more about this in the FAQs page. To confirm your application, an advanced rent payment equivalent to one week’s rent is required. When you move in, this money will transfer to your rent account, provided that you have met the terms in the Agreement. You also need to read and sign the Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement (the “AST”) before you move in. Once you have paid your advanced rent payment and signed your AST online you are agreeing to take up your place within the accommodation and are bound to pay the AST fee in its entirety. Any subsequent request to cancel will require you to find a student to replace you, who is approved by aparto. This carries an administration fee of £100. For guidance on cancelling your booking due to travel and visa restrictions see below. Travel If you are unable to travel to Ireland or the United Kingdom due to government travel restrictions resulting from the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic, you will need to provide evidence from the Government in your home country supporting this which is current at the time of your cancellation. We ask that you please provide this translated into English. Please let your residence know as soon as possible that you would like to cancel your contract and no later than 14 days before your tenancy begins. This must be accompanied by the supporting evidence that you are restricted from travelling in order to cancel your booking. On receipt of notification that you cannot attend, and with the correct evidence, your booking will be cancelled in full and we will refund all payments made for your 2020/2021 academic year booking. If you do not provide evidence in line with this timescale, you will be held to the terms and conditions of your agreement and liable for all accommodation fees. Visas If you are due to travel and begin your stay, but you are unable to obtain a Visa due to travel restrictions, or your country’s Visa offices being closed, we will try to hold your room for you while your Visa is being processed. Please let us know as soon as possible if you are unable to obtain a Visa for these reasons. We can cancel your booking if you have applied for a Visa and it has been refused, please let us know, with evidence within 5 days of your visa being refused if you wish to cancel for this reason. The following is applicable to first-year students only: If you are not successful in obtaining your place at your chosen university/college then don’t worry. We will consider a release from your AST and refund of any advanced rent payment where you can provide proof that you did not obtain a place at a university/college which is within a reasonable distance from accommodation booked. You will need to submit your request to cancel in writing or email along with the proof to the Accommodation Manager at your chosen location within five working days of the confirmation that you have not received your place. Advanced Rent Fee Repayment: Bookings made before/by 31st July 2020: After paying your advanced rent payment you have five workings days to complete your booking by signing the AST and completing the guarantor information (if applicable). After five days your booking fee becomes non-refundable. For guidance on cancelling your booking due to travel and visa restrictions see above. Bookings made after/on 1st August 2020: After paying your advanced rent payment you have 48 hours to complete your booking by signing the AST and completing the guarantor information (if applicable). After 24 hours your advanced rent payment becomes non-refundable. For guidance on cancelling your booking due to travel and visa restrictions see above. For any refunds via international bank transfers a fee of £12 will be applied. Cancellation after you have moved in: Release without tenancy takeover: If you wish to be released from your contract for exceptional circumstances, you must appeal in writing (in the form of an email) to the residence General Manager. Some circumstances that may apply (but are not limited to) are: Serious diagnosed health or mental health issues Serious diagnosed illness or death of an immediate family member (Parent, Sibling, Child) In these circumstances you must provide: (1) a suitable letter from the doctor or medical institution detailing the issue and why it has caused you to leave University (2) any additional proof or supporting evidence to validate your application (3) a letter from your University confirming that you have withdrawn from your course. Even if you do provide this information, then release will be discretionary based on the views of the management team and in some circumstance’s tenancy release may not be granted. Tenancy Releases for exceptional circumstances will not be granted where: You are still at University and have not withdrawn from your course You have chosen to defer for a year for any reason other than above You have left University of your own volition for any other reason, including not attaining correct funding or loan, or suitable grades during the year The University has removed the tenant from your course for any reason Once a tenancy release decision has been made, any appeal of this decision will be undertaken using the framework of the aparto complaints policy. In Circumstances where the medical letter is not deemed as satisfactory, tenancy release will not be granted. If a Tenancy Release decision is made on behalf of the tenant. aparto will decide the end date of the tenancy. The tenant will be liable for any rent up to the Saturday after the decision is made, even if you return the key and the room is vacated prior to the decision. Tenancy Takeover: If you want to be released from your tenancy agreement, licence agreement, or SAT (Scotland) and you do not meet the requirements of a tenancy release, it is your responsibility to find a replacement tenant. The replacement tenant must agree to the existing rent and term conditions of the existing tenant. If you find a replacement, you will be released from your tenancy from the start date of the new tenancy, however you may be charged to the Saturday nearest to this date. You will be responsible for paying a £100 administration fee, paid directly to aparto and not to be recovered from the deposit. This fee covers the deep cleaning of the room in the period between you and your replacement, as well as the administration relating to issuing a new contract. A tenancy takeover will be deemed complete to the point where a replacement is found when the following criteria are met: The new tenant has paid their deposit and any current due rental charge, and this has been confirmed as received by aparto The new tenant has signed their AST or Licence Agreement The new tenant has confirmed receipt of keys The new Tenant has moved into the building and completed an inventory form aparto will not refund any advanced rent payment until all the above criteria are met. This policy will be reviewed regularly as the situation surrounding Covid-19 develops. aparto reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of this cancellation policy at any time.

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